Co-operative granted licence to run Sheerness market
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Most traditional market operators, whether they are local councils or private operators, are profit driven and this is reflected in increases to market rents each year.

Traders at Sheerness have come up with an alternative scheme by setting up a non-profit-making co-operative to run their market.  The co-operative was originally set up last summer as a temporary measure when the previous operator pulled out, leaving traders high and dry.

Swale Council have now granted them a three year licence and to celebrate the co-operative donated £250 to charity.  They intend to make a donation to a local charity each year.  In addition every Saturday a pitch is given to a community group free of charge and on Tuesdays a charity stall runs the  Hope Street Cafe stall.

The co-operative will provide more stability for stall-holders and rents will not automatically increase each year.

To find out more about the co-operative or run a stall, call Martin Lee on 07521 730812 or e-mail

Other markets co-operatives include Bridlington Traders Co-operative and Cottingham Market Traders Co-operative.