Customer Care
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thumbs upLooking after your customers’ needs and making sure they are happy with your products or services is vital to your stall’s success. If you treat customers well, they will be more likely to return – and they’ll recommend you to other people. On the other hand, if they don’t like the product or feel they didn’t receive good service, they will go to one of your competitors. And studies show that while a customer who has had a good experience will tell one person about it, a customer who has had a bad experience will tell nine!

If a customer complains about your products or services, make every effort to deal with the complaint quickly and in a professional manner. Complaints can be positive, helping you to pinpoint – and fix – any problems.

Develop a consistent system for dealing with customer complaints, such as:

  • noting down the complaint
  • apologising for the problem
  • offering a replacement product or a refund offering money off the customer’s next purchase.

Remember, a happy customer is a walking advert for your stall!